Top 5 Karaoke Machine for Girls

Girl SingingI never thought the day would come where I would be shopping for a karaoke machine for girls, but last week I got an invitation to my niece, Megan’s, birthday party.  She is turning 7.  Her mom, knowing that I’m somewhat of an expert in these matters, called to tell me that other than a few small gifts, the main thing she had on her wish-list was a karaoke machine.

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Best Home Karaoke Machine with iPod dock

Home Karaoke MachineOne common question I am being asked frequently is about compatibility of such and such karaoke machine with smart devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, MP3 players and smart devices in general. These days most people would have a smart phone or a similar device.

Karaoke machines are relatively complex devices. Oftentimes, people get confused by various features and are not sure which product to choose and what exactly to look for when buying such machines. This is very normal and understood, given that the manufacturers don’t help the situation by giving confusing explanation of features in the product description.

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Kids Karaoke Machine with Lights

Karaoke Machine for KidsKaraoke machines are great gifts for kids. One thing I like about them is that, differently from other toys, kids can stick with these machines for a while and still have fun playing with them. At the same time, adults can get involved, let loose and play around without getting bored. People that have used them would probably understand better what I am talking about here. You would not know unless you have one at home.

I noticed one of the features kids would really love about these machines is to have disco lights. Disco lights and music together seem to be a magical combination that attracts both children and adults alike.

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Hannah Montana karaoke machine: cute gift a girl is guaranteed to love

Hannah Montana karaoke machineThe other day, I was having dinner with a dear friend of mine Louise. She is an engineer and she is into blogging as a hobby. We meet regularly once a month to catch up and discuss what we are up to. As she knows I am a karaoke fan, she told me the story about her daughter’s birthday and how she decided to buy a karaoke machine for her. Cute story and as I know she does very thorough research when buying stuff, she must know by now a lot about karaoke machines. I asked her to write a post about her experience so I can publish on my site so people can benefit from her experience.  As she likes writing, particularly about technical stuff, she accepted to do this.

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Top 3 Karaoke Machine for TV

I remember the first time I ever sang karaoke.  My friend had invited me over for a dinner party at her house.  I figured it would be fairly typical – we would all sit in the living room chatting until dinner was ready, then we would eat a delicious meal, and then return back to the living room to drink coffee and eat dessert.

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How to Foster a Young Child’s Singing Talent

karaoke machine for kidsIf you have a child who seems to possess some singing talent, you may be wondering how you can help nurture their talent.  There are many ways you can help you child grow and mature so he or she can be the best singer possible.  According to Daniel Coyle who wrote The Talent Code says, “Greatness isn’t born. It’s grown.”  In other words, parents should do whatever they can to help their kids improve and perfect their singing talent.  Here are some simple ways to accomplish this:

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6 Things Kids Want from a Karaoke Machine

Portable Karaoke MachineThere’s something kids love about doing karaoke.  Maybe they love hearing themselves sing to their favorite songs, or imagining they are a famous rock star, or just having a great time with their friends.  Whatever it is, kids just love karaoke machines.  Here are 6 qualities kids want in a karaoke machine:

1.  Portability

Kids generally want a machine that’s going to be easy to transport.  They don’t want a heavy machine with lots of different pieces that need to be connected. 

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Karaoke Microphone: Buying Tips

I have noticed many times people make big mistakes when buying a karaoke microphone. The most common mistake is that they end up buying an expensive device that offers much more than needed and it’s basically an over-kill. The main reason for this, as you can guess, is being confused about specifications and features given that most people have no time and patience for a thorough research.

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Home Karaoke Machine Buying Tips

Karaoke Machine Buying TipsAre you looking to purchase a Karaoke Machine for your home?

Are you confused and don’t quite understand what those features mean and which ones are important?

Are you struggling to find the best karaoke machine for your budget but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you know a few things about Karaoke systems, you have a short list to choose from but you are still not sure which one would be the best for you to pick?

Are you confused and wondering what audio and video devices can be connected to a particular Karaoke system?

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Best Karaoke Machine for under $100

Best Karaoke MachineThe other day I got a call from a cousin of mine. He wanted to ask me some information and buying tips as he was looking for a nice home karaoke machine.

He had researched a bit here and there and mostly through online stores. His budget was under $100 and he mainly had found a couple of popular best sellers. The issue is, in order to make a sound decision, you really need to spend time and understand all the details and features that each product would have to offer. This is not an easy task for a busy and impatient guy like him.

To his credit though, he had a good starting point. In general, it is a good sign when a product becomes the best seller in a category on the Amazon site. You need to realize that writing a review takes time and effort and people don’t write reviews just for the sake of it. They would like to share their experience when using the product and after having made the purchase.

That’s why I always recommend taking reviews seriously but at the same time, don’t assume all of them would apply to you and your needs in the same way. In other words, you need to apply your own filter when considering karaoke machine reviews or any other product review in general.

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