The Singtrix Karaoke Machine: A Comprehensive Review

How awesome would it be to have your own karaoke machine?

Having fun at home with your own karaoke machine with your friends and family can be really awesome. Although, fun shouldn’t be expensive as everyone thinks.

If you were looking at karaoke machines for yourself, you might have felt overwhelmed. There are so many karaoke machines out there, and it can be really hard to find the right one if you don’t know much about it.

Luckily for you, in this post, I will review one of the best karaoke machines out there which is really quality build, yet it will be good enough for everyone’s pocket. I’m talking about the Singtrix karaoke machine.

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What is the Best Karaoke Machine for Kids?

Looking for the best karaoke machine for kids? Want to understand what to buy, which features to go for and what price would be the right one? Read on ….

Karaoke machines are one of the most entertaining and popular gifts for kids. As every parent knows, children like to sing, dance and play. That is why singing machines are so effective at getting your child’s attention. However finding the best karaoke machine for kids can be sometimes challenging and not straightforward.  There are tons of options out there, few examples are: Frozen karaoke machine, or the ones based on Hello kitty and Monster high characters, not to forget princess karaoke machines and barbie ones for those looking to buy for their little girls.

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The Singing Machine SML388W Review

You should never purchase a singing machine unless you have a full understanding of its features and functionality. There are so many karaoke enthusiasts who get disappointed after blindly purchasing a machine that doesn’t meet their expectations.

The Karaoke 388 is a great singing machine that has features that most karaoke enthusiasts love. Karaoke SML 388BK/ SML388W are MP3+G and CD + G karaoke system that have synchronized disco lights.

The LED disco lights assists in bringing your karaoke performance to life by synchronizing their movement to the playing music. This is a feature that both kids and adults enjoy very much.

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Karaoke USA GF829, GF830, GF839, GF840,GF842 and GF8xx series Review

This review is dedicated to Karaoke USA GF8xx series, in other words: GF829, GF830, GF840 and GF842.

This karaoke USA series not only has a streamlined design making it attractive to look at, but it also has many fantastic features. The average user will find it easy to operate, but still versatile and full of useful and fun components. It’s a fairly compact machine, but really contains a lot of features.

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The Singing Machine Home Review

The Singing Machine “Home” is one of the latest additions to the Singing Machine company product line. It’s part of their “Streaming” series. This device is actually a Bluetooth speaker that can turn also into a karaoke system. It has a pretty sleek design and it’s aesthetically very pleasant offering a more modern and trendy design.

The Bluetooth speaker is powerful (10 W) with a great sound quality. I have probably played with and used more than 90% of the karaoke machines out there and this one, compared to similar home karaoke system has a much better sound quality and is more powerful. The typical speaker power spec is around (7 W) for similar models which is about 50% less than what this machine has to offer.

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The Singing Machine iSM1028Xa, iSM1030BT and iSM1050BT Review


The Singing Machine iSM1028 is full of features that karaoke enthusiasts will love – from the 7” LCD monitor, to the front-loading CD+G player, to the iPod/iPhone dock, this karaoke has lot to offer at a nice price.

Ask most consumers what they want from a karaoke machine for family use and they’re going to say they want the best set of features for a low price, under $200.  The Singing Machine iSM1028Xa seems to have it all.  The price is affordable, it has a camera, a 7” screen, separate tower speakers and a pedestal base with two microphones.  It’s specifically designed to work with your iPod to give you more music and song track options.

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The Electrohome EAKAR300 Review

I really like the sleek design and the unique cylindrical shape of this karaoke machine. It comes with a nice blue light to set the tone for a great party. This is a portable karaoke machine that can be connected to your TV and offers various voice and sound controls. It is versatile in terms of connectivity and comes with a sample CD with Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber on it.

In the following Electrohome EAKAR300 review, I have provided more details about this karaoke system and described all the features it offers. Pros and cons are also described so you know what you will or will not get should you decide to buy this karaoke machine for your home.

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Monster High Karaoke Machine

The Monster High is a very popular karaoke machine for kids on the market. There is no setup required for this machine. It is very easy to use and highly portable.

This is a perfect example of a karaoke machine for kids that can be used in birthday parties, gatherings, Christmas parties, playdates and similar events. Kids can take this machine with them wherever they want and use it as they wish. The control panel buttons are easy to understand and handle. The color pink is mostly appealing to girls although I have seen boys playing with this entertaining toy for hours without getting bored.

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VocoPro DVX890K Karaoke Player Review

VocoPro is a professional audio company and is very well known for their high end professional karaoke machines. They are located in California and the company has been in business since 1991. They are reputable for their great customer service. If you are looking for a higher quality karaoke machine with a decent price, this is a brand that you should consider as an option.

This system is a multi-format karaoke player that provides a high degree of media compatibility. It comes with 2 microphones, full function remote control and can connect to various audio and video systems such as TVs, amplifiers and receivers, mixers, subwoofers and surround sound system in general. Being USB and SD card compatible, it allows you to access your digital music library.

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The Singing Machine iSM990BT Review

This karaoke machine is one of the best and latest from Singing Machine. It offers nice features and the one to mention here is the Bluetooth capability. Wireless connection to your source such as an iPad, iPod or similar MP3 player is an extremely cool feature which makes anybody’s life easier. All in all, a great product with all the required features and a descent price.

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