Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine

This post is dedicated to Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine reviews and its various models.

Girls love Hello Kitty Karaoke MachineThis machine is extremely popular among kids, in particular younger girls, ages 3 to 10 year old or even older. The combination of the color pink with the cute and adorable Hello Kitty character has been the recipe of success for manufacturers of this karaoke machine. Year after year, this has been definitely one of the most wanted gifts for girls.

You can find various different models for the Hello Kitty karaoke machine out there. In this post, I have tried to provide you with all the details you need to know before purchasing one of these systems. It is always a good idea to know what you get for a given price.

Often times, I notice parents get confused when dealing with all these various models and they don’t know which one to go for and what features they would get for their budget. That’s why I decided to put together this comprehensive post which is in my opinion the only one out there that explains in detail all different models of this product.

As you will see, this post is divided into various sections and each section is devoted to one particular model.

As you will notice, the vast majority of features are common among various models. That’s why, I have provided all the details and explanation of common features in the first review only. Thereafter, I have just mentioned the common features for each model (you can just refer to the first review for details) and described more the differences, additions and subtraction for each model.

This way, you will know what each and every single model would offer without having to read over and over the common features. After reading this post, I would recommend you to take a look my other reviews here.

Hello Kitty 68109 CD Karaoke System

This model is one of the most popular one and has been the best seller on Amazon in Home Karaoke equipment category.

Karaoke machine for girlsType of usage

This is a portable karaoke machine for girls and can be used indoor. Best suited for birthday parties and play dates. There is no setup needed and is ready and easy to use out of the box. It is portable and kids can drag it with them from one place to another very easily.


This kids karaoke machine comes with a microphone. With that being said, there is a dedicated input for a second microphone that must be purchased separately. This way 2 kids can play at the same time and/or sing duet. My recommendation is to buy a Hello Kitty Karaoke Microphone. This is a karaoke microphone that goes perfectly well with this machine and is very inexpensive to buy.

Note that the microphone is wired and not wireless and with a cable of around 2 feet long to let the singer some room to walk around.

The microphone has an on/off switch on it and it’s funny how this little feature is popular among younger kids. Don’t ask me why! For some reason they love this and you can see this being mentioned in many online reviews!

Monitor / Display – TV hook up

This product comes with a 5” (measured diagonally) black and white built in screen. Kids can watch the lyrics streaming on the screen and sing along while playing their music. The screen has good resolution and descent clarity.

Note also that this Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine has a video output jack that can be used to connect to TV. This is a cool feature that allows you to use your bigger screen TV to be used with this system to watch the lyrics while the performer is singing along.

Song source / Player

This karaoke machine comes with a CD/CD+G player. This means you can play both regular CD’s and Karaoke CD’s, called CD+G. The letter ‘G’ in CD+G stands for Graphics and this means when playing CDG’s on this machine, you can watch the lyrics either on the built in screen or on your TV screen if you choose to connect the machine to your TV. Note also that this system has a programmable memory to program up to 20 tracks so your kids can lineup their music in the sequence that they like. This is a very cool and useful feature for birthday parties.


The Hello Kitty Karaoke machine comes with its own built-in speakers and does not need to be hooked up to separate speakers.

Video Camera

This product comes also with a video camera with descent quality meaning that you can watch yourself on the screen while performing. This is a very cool features that kids love.

Recording Options

This karaoke machine does not provide recording options.

Voice and Sound Controls

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this karaoke machine offers all main voice control features that an advanced system would. Here they are:

Balance Control – this is a feature that works with multiplex CDG’s. This is a type of CDG where each song has two tracks, one with the lead vocals plus music and the other track with music only. When singing, the performer can choose to have the lead vocal plus music or balancing the lead vocals out. This means you would be either the main singer with music or you would be singing with lead vocals or somewhere in between (depending how much the lead vocals are balanced out using the balance control knob). This is a very useful feature, especially when the user does not know the song very well and is practicing with a new song.

Automatic Voice Control (AVC) – This is another cool feature that children love. With this feature active, as soon as the singer sings in the microphone the lead vocals will be muted. When the performer stops singing the lead vocals will be back. This again will only work with only multiplex CDG’s. Kids have a lot of fun with this feature and it can be used for practicing the songs which lyrics you know less.

Echo Control – the level of echo added to your voice can be adjusted. This feature makes your voice sound more professional. Kids certainly enjoy playing with this while performing.

Master Volume Control – the overall volume can be adjusted by this

Microphone Volume Control – the microphone volume can be separately adjusted with this.

Audio/Video Input & Outputs

This Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine is quite versatile in terms of inputs and outputs:

Input microphone jack – used for a second microphone

Aux Input – this input can be used to connect to an iPod or iPad. This way, you can use your smart device as a source and use your digital library and playlist instead of using the CD player as a song source. However, note that, the connection here is only of type audio. This means there is no video transfer and therefore, even if you have songs in your playlists that are in karaoke format, you won’t be able to read the lyrics on the screen using this type of connection.

Headphone jack –  used to hook up to a headphone

Audio out – used to connect to TV

Special Effects – disco lights, etc

This karaoke machine does not provide disco lights or similar special effects.

Power – Batteries or plug-in

This machine comes with an AC power adapter and also works with batteries, 8 alkaline C. This adds to the portability and use of this karaoke machine especially for kids.

Control Panel

The front panel of this Hello Kitty Karaoke machine offers the following controls:

On/Off Button

Sound Control knobs: AVC, Balance and Echo Control

CDG functions: Program, Repeat, Forward, Rewind, Play and Pause

Song Source: a three-way button allows you to choose between CD, CDG or Aux Input (to connect to iPod or iPad)

Master and Separate Microphone Volume Control Knobs

Remote Control

This karaoke system does not provide remote control

Set Up

No setup is needed. Out of box plug and play. Very easy and straightforward to use for kids.

What’s in the box

  • Karaoke Machine
  • Microphone
  • Audio and Video cables
  • AC adapter
  • Manual
  • The system comes with one year manufacturer guarantee.

The Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine 68109 Consumer Reviews

As mentioned before this karaoke system is a best seller on Amazon. I have read all the online reviews related to this karaoke machine and most people that have been looking for a karaoke machine for kids and have chosen this one to purchase, seem to be happy with the product. The versatility, ease of use and portability has been mentioned in most of reviews as positives.

There seems to be complaints from some consumers about poor experience when starting to use the machine. Either a part has been broken or the device has not been functional out of the box. Given the return policy for this product, in these cases the solution has been to return and either to get a refund or a replacement.


16.5 x 12.6 x 11 inches

Pros and ConsPros

  • Portable, easy to use with no setup required
  • Can use CD/CD+G and also connect to iPod and iPad
  • Connects to TV
  • Comes with a built in screen
  • Comes with an AC adapter but also works with batteries
  • Versatile voice and sound controls
  • Comes with a video camera
  • Very kid friendly


  • Comes with only one microphone; but provides input jacks for a second one (to be purchased separately)

Consumer Ratings

The ratings for the hello kitty karaoke machine are very good. This is a very popular machine that offers a lot of features similar to the ones that more advanced karaoke machine for adults would offer. The machine has a built in screen, can connect to TV, can use CD/CD+G’s as song sources, it is also connectable to smart devices such as iPod and iPad. Moreover, it offers cool sound controls such as balance control, AVC and Echo control. This is a very complete system that is portable and easy to use which makes it an ideal machine for kids, more in particular girsl.

The Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine 68109 Price

Given all that I mentioned in the “consumer ratings” section, I believe this system has a very fair price. You need to realize that you get a complete system for kids under $100 with all the features and convenience that this product has to offer. If you are looking for a great karaoke machine for kids that has descent quality with main karaoke features, I would definitely recommend to have this one on your short list.


Hello Kitty KT2007 CDG Karaoke System with Built-in Video Camera

karaoke machine for kidsThis machine comes with ALL the features that the Hello Kitty 68109 CD karaoke system (see the first review in this post) offers except for some:

This machine does not come with a built in screen. However, you can still connect this machine to a TV

The price is about the same as the Hello Kitty 68109 CD karaoke system.


9.3”(W)  x 8.6” (D) x 13” (H)


The consumer ratings are very similar to the ones for the Hello Kitty 68109 CD karaoke system. The majority of reviews are positive the same way. I only noticed a couple of them complaining about the microphone stopped working after few days. This is not a huge deal given the warranty and the fact that this can be returned and replaced.

Hello Kitty KT2007 Price

It is true that the price of this machine is very close to that of the Hello Kitty 68109 CD karaoke system although this one does not offer a built in screen. In my opinion, the reason is mainly aesthetics. The design for this one, in my opinion, is more original, more cute and more appealing to young girls. Also it can still be connected to TV. So the choice depends what you are looking for. If the built in screen is not a huge deal and you like this design better, then go for it, otherwise the 68109 CD would be the right option for you.


KT 2009: Hello Kitty CD+g Karaoke System with Built-in Video Camera, Audio/video Recording and Bluetooth

kids karaoke machineThe KT2009 Hello Kitty Machine has a very cute and slick design. It offers ALL the features as described in the first review on this post for the 68109 CD karaoke system (see the details in the first review at the beginning of this post) except that it does not come with a built in screen.

Having said that, there are few additional features that makes this Hello Kitty karaoke machine very unique and distinct from other models. Let’s talk about these new features:

The KT2009 model can stream in audio from virtually any Bluetooth enabled device (Bluetooth 3.0 BT, supports A2DP, for the less technical one: don’t worry too much about these terms that simply represents Bluetooth standards)

This model also allows you to stream in audio and video from MP3/MP3+G files from a USB port (up to 8Gb flash drive). This simply means convenience for you. If you choose not to source from CD and CDG’s you can use your digital library to play with this machine, this is a priceless feature.


8.17” (W) x 6.73” (D) x 13.48” (H)


As this model is relatively new there are not as many reviews as the previous mentioned models have. However, the few ones that I could find online, are all positive and favorable. This is a great machine that offers various advanced features and is at the same time very easy to use. Most recent technology has been incorporated in this product and this makes this machine very versatile. Being Bluetooth compatible is a huge plus and also the USB port addition makes your life much easier in terms of the choice for song sources.

Hello Kitty KT2009 Price

As you may have noticed the price is slightly higher than other models but in my opinion this price is still very fair for what you get with this machine plus the additional features, i.e. Bluetooth and USB. You need to realize that for a slim price, you will get all sorts of features and compatibility with this product and at the same time, the cute design is guaranteed to appeal to all kids especially girls.