The Singing Machine Home Review

The Singing Machine “Home” is one of the latest additions to the Singing Machine company product line. It’s part of their “Streaming” series. This device is actually a Bluetooth speaker that can turn also into a karaoke system. It has a pretty sleek design and it’s aesthetically very pleasant offering a more modern and trendy design.

The Bluetooth speaker is powerful (10 W) with a great sound quality. I have probably played with and used more than 90% of the karaoke machines out there and this one, compared to similar home karaoke system has a much better sound quality and is more powerful. The typical speaker power spec is around (7 W) for similar models which is about 50% less than what this machine has to offer.

The Bluetooth speaker has a built-in WiFi which is used to connect to an interactive wireless Mic-Remote for karaoke functions. For the less techy ones, I know this can be a bit confusing and overwhelming, but be patient, it’s much simpler and fun than what you are thinking and in a minute I will clearly explain to you how this whole thing works and come together.

Using this machine, you can access more than 10000 HD Karaoke Videos. This is done by connection this device to your TV through an HDMI cable. This means, finally, high quality videos will bring the song lyrics to you while you are singing along. Those of you that have used more traditional karaoke machines should understand better what I am talking here. The video quality has always been of the main weaknesses of the older karaoke systems and this issue has been totally erased by the Singing Machine Home.

Through the user interface you can arrange your playlist and have access to more than 30 different music categories such as Pop, Rock, Country etc. The navigation and setup is done through the Mic-Remote that can be used both as remote control as well as microphone.

This was a quick summary of what this machine does. As you know me from my comprehensive reviews, I always believe in fully understanding of what we are purchasing. This way you can make the most out of what you have purchased and more importantly you can make a much more informed decision before you buy and make sure this is the product with the features you are after.


How does the Singing Machine Home Work?


As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s so true. The diagram shown here explains very simply how different items come together when using this karaoke machine and how this system would be interacting with your TV and Bluetooth device.

You can connect to Singing Machine SMC HOME using any Bluetooth device (iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc) to play your favorite music which is streamed or saved on the Bluetooth device. All you need to do is to pair your device with the unit and you are all set. The pairing is through the settings of your Bluetooth device and is pretty simple and straightforward.

Next you will have to connect the Karaoke Machine Home to your TV using an HDMI cable. Please note that the HDMI cable has to be purchased separately and does not come with your purchase.

Once TV is connected you will have to pair the speaker with the Mic-Remote. This is simply down by pressing down the optical track pad on the Remote-Mic for few seconds. Very simple.
Please note that the Mic-Remote functions with 4 x AA batteries that are not included with your system and have to be purchased separately.

The default mode for this device is Bluetooth speaker. Once connected to TV you can switch to “Singing Machine Play” mode. This mean you will now access the Play platform which allows you to choose from a collection of more than 10000 HD Karaoke videos. More on this a bit later.

The Mic-Remote is used to navigate the user interface “Singing Machine Play” and control the master volume of the “Singing Machine Home”.

Please note that two Mic-Remote can be connected simultaneously which allows you double the fun by singing duets.

Access to the “Singing Machine Play” and the large collection it offers is done through 3 different subscription types. At the time I am writing this review for you the subscriptions are as follows:

  • $4.95/ 2days
  • $9.95/month
  • $59.95/year

With your purchase comes one month of full access for free…. Not bad.

The access if WiFi enabled. Once connected to TV you choose your WiFi network (the one you use at home) and then you can setup your registration after which you will be all set to go, choose your songs and start playing. The library of songs is massive and it’s almost guaranteed you can find your favorite no matter what your taste of music would be.

Watch this video that nicely summarizes what I have just explained about this system:

Few important things to note and mention

You may want to consider few things before buying this karaoke machine especially if you are used to playing with more classic karaoke machines.

The Singing Machine Home is a streaming machine and does NOT come with generic voice and sound controls. This means, you will not have features such as Balance Control, AVC (Auto Voice Control), Echo control etc. These are cool features that mostly add some spice to your experience of using a karaoke machine by adding echo or balancing between the performer voice and the lead singers from the song etc.

For some people this is not a big deal and those features are not the main things they are looking for but this may be a deal breaker for some. So, depending what you are looking for, this system may or may not be for you.

I just wanted to make sure you take this into consideration before making your decision.


  • Bluetooth®
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Streaming
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Wireless Mic-Remote
  • Access to 10000 HD Karaoke videos through massive music library
  • One month free music library trial/access
  • Works both as speakers and karaoke machine
  • Fast Bluetooth connectivity
  • Long battery life for the interactive wireless Mic-Remote

Pros and Cons


  • Sleek and modern design
  • High quality and Powerful speaker
  • HD video quality through HDMI connection to your TV
  • User interface giving access to a massive platform of songs from several different categories
  • No hardware setup required
  • Very portable and easy to use
  • Can be also used as a standalone high quality speaker
  • One month free trial and access to all songs


  • No Voice/sound controls (AVC, Balance Control, Echo Control)
  • Monthly fees for access (although some options are very affordable and are worth it)
  • No CDG Player for those interested in using CD’s and CDG’s
  • No recording options
  • Comes with one Mic. If you want a second mic for duets, it has to be purchased separately

The Singing Machine Home Specification

Karaoke Machine SpecificationsAudio

  • Output power: 10W
  • Impedance: 4Ω } 15%
  • Frequency response: 150Hz -20Khz
  • Impedance: 4Ω } 15%
  • Frequency response : 50Hz ~2KHz


  • Input voltage: AC 100V-240V
  • Input Current: 1.2A
  • Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 15VMax
  • Load: 3.0A

Dimensions and weight

  • HOME: 293.6 x 293.6 x 140.4mm
  • HOME weight: 1.9kg
  • Mic-Remote: 129.8 x 55 x 47.3mm
  • Mic-Remote weight: 95g

Power Supply / Batteries

The system comes with an AC adapter. The Mic-Remote operates using 4 x AA batteries. Please note that the batteries are not included with your purchase.

What is in the box

  • Bluetooth Speaker with built-in Wi-Fi
  • Wireless Mic-Remote
  • One month of cloud subscription for video downloads
  • AC adapter

What People are Saying, Consumer Reviews

In most reviews I have studied, consumers appreciate the sleek and modern design of Singing Machine SMC HOME Wifi and Bluetooth Home Karaoke System. Almost everyone is happy with the quality of sound and the power of the speaker.

Access to thousands sound via Cloud is another positive feedback that comes up in the majority reviews. The one month free trial is also highly appreciated among the

Singing Machine Home Consumer Reviewsmajority of consumers.

Some people also mentions they are happy with this system they are not relying on CDG’s anymore as it was the case with the more traditional karaoke machines.

The biggest sort of complaint has been the setup and navigation for downloading songs. It is mentioned that the optical track-pad is too sensitive and it takes a little bit of effort to get used to it, especially the first time when used …. Not a deal breaker.

Also, I saw few comments about the microphone stating that its quality is not as crisp as one would expect. Some also mention that an internet connection as fast as 5Mbps is required to minimize impact on HD video downloads. Well, I would say this is expected given how the system has been designed and most household have internet connection with better and faster connections these days.

There is a review or two mentioning that Mic-Remote is kind of bulky and awkward to use as microphone compared with generic microphones that are easier to hold and handle.

The Singing Machine Home Price

This machine offers a nice and modern design. It’s not bulky and relies on a massive platform of songs that are downloadable through the user interface in a very convenient manner. The one month free trial is something to consider as well.

Different sign up options are offered for accessing songs. For long term users, monthly and yearly subscriptions are recommended but if you are using this system here and there for occasional parties a very affordable 48 hours subscription is also available. If you think about it, I believe overall comparison with CDG’s and the cost to buy them one by one makes this system rather a winner.

The price for what is offered in terms of convenience, versatility and features is descent but is somewhat higher than traditional karaoke machines. The system can also be used as a separate high quality and powerful speaker and just this feature on its own justifies the price.

I would recommend to definitely consider this system on top of your list when shopping around for a karaoke machine, especially if a high quality speaker as well as convenience and ease of use are among things you care about as part of what you are looking for.