The Singtrix Karaoke Machine: A Comprehensive Review

How awesome would it be to have your own karaoke machine?

Having fun at home with your own karaoke machine with your friends and family can be really awesome. Although, fun shouldn’t be expensive as everyone thinks.

If you were looking at karaoke machines for yourself, you might have felt overwhelmed. There are so many karaoke machines out there, and it can be really hard to find the right one if you don’t know much about it.

Luckily for you, in this post, I will review one of the best karaoke machines out there which is really quality build, yet it will be good enough for everyone’s pocket. I’m talking about the Singtrix karaoke machine.

Features of the Singtrix Karaoke Machine


When I have said that the karaoke machines shouldn’t be expensive in order to be good, that’s what exactly I was thinking about Singtrix. It’s been endorsed by celebrities and it’s been used on shows such as Shark Tank and even Ellen.

Plug and Play

If you are always in a hurry, or you want to be able to set it up as quickly as possible – Singtrix karaoke machine will help you with that.

It’s the first patented plug and play karaoke machine out there. It’s being powered by live vocal effects which is a feature that can be seen only with professional karaoke machines.

It has over 300 professional voice effects which will match every music genre and will improve everyone’s performance no matter how talented the singers are. It will make bad singers sound bad, and good singers sound amazing.

Some of the most popular effects are natural pitch correction, hard tune, 4 part harmonies, choir effects, and even fun voice morphing. It will help you get your friends who would never want to sing, to stand behind the karaoke and have fun.


Speakers are designed to make the atmosphere feel like it’s a concert performance. Sound and voice will also sound like a recording studio.

Speaker has 40 watts of power and it’s a 2.1″ big. It’s a stereo speaker with a subwoofer.

The best thing is that this speaker can be combined with any other speaker, or it can be used for other purposes such as music, movies, and even gaming.

They are ultra compact and very lightweight which makes them very portable and that’s one of the features you want to look out for when buying your karaoke machine.

Speaker has a volume, treble, and bass controls for even better adjustments and experience.


A microphone is a custom made especially for this karaoke machine. It has built-in “HIT” button which will help you activate harmonies and other sound effects during your performance.

It’s designed with a purpose to make your chorus or bridge sounds even better and larger. It’s a professional quality microphone which is weighted and balanced perfectly. It’s turned for Singtrix studio and it’s super sensitive and responsive. Those features can be mostly seen with the professional microphones.

Hit button will also offer you non-hit effects. It’s designed for one singer at the time, but if you want to have two singers at the time – you will be able to connect another microphone to this karaoke machine.

However, keep in mind that for the second microphone, there won’t be pitch correction or harmony effects. There will be lush reverb, delay, and dynamic EQ. That’s because the first microphone will be considered as a lead, while the second microphone will be a backup.

Microphone Stand

The microphone stand is another thing that impressed me quite a lot. It can be compared to other professional microphone stands out there.

Usually, when you buy a karaoke machine, manufacturers don’t bother about the microphone stand quality, however, in this case, they have built one perfect microphone stand.

It has boom arm for better microphone adjustments, and it has device holder for phones, tablets, or MP3 players.

Manufacturers have really thought about the singers, giving them the best experience once they’re behind the microphone.


The best thing about the Singtrix Karaoke Machine is that it’s compatible with thousands of Youtube karaoke and lyrics videos which are free.

You will also be able to connect your MP3 with preloaded songs, or even connect your smart devices such as tablet or smartphone to the karaoke machine with any app you can find out there.

It gives you a complete freedom for an unlimited amount of fun for any occasion.


  • Very nice sound no matter the way you connect it
  • Voice effects aren’t changing your voice completely
  • Ability to use any software and connect it to any device
  • Professional build and quality
  • Big improvements to voice when singing using effects
  • Price
  • Great for family meetings and friends


  • Microphone is a bit low and could have been higher
  • Singatrix mobile app is not worth the money since you can find the same quality songs on Youtube for free
  • Some effects can make you sound better, yet some effects can make you sound worse

Consumer Ratings

Most consumers have rated the Singtrix karaoke machine with 5, and they had only great comments. This karaoke machine has met their expectations after being tested.

I have looked into almost all online reviews for this machine and more in particular, I was focusing on complaints and possibly negative reviews to find out potential issues. Majority of complaints were related to out of box experience where something was wrong or defective. As an example, in one case the microphone wire had issues with defects. Although these types of experiences are not very pleasant, I take them less seriously as you can right away return and replace the machine if you have purchased from Amazon for instance. There has been some complaints about quality of speaker. I have personally tried this machine and in my opinion the speaker’s quality is descent but not perfect. If you are really picky about this, you need to look into professional karaoke machines and the problem here would be higher price range. So you need to know what exactly you are looking for and then make a decision.

If your goal is to have a good quality karaoke machine with a reasonable price, the Singtrix karaoke machine is definitely worth the purchase and it will meet your expectations no matter of your singing skill level. It could bring you, your friends, and your family many hours of fun.

However, keep in mind that this karaoke machine isn’t designed for big events. It will do well at a small gathering.



Having tested and played with many karaoke machines in the same category, I give this one a big thumbs up.

It’s a very well built karaoke machine at the very reasonable price which will meet everyone’s budget.

I would highly recommend this to anyone because people who have never wanted to sing before in life have sung mostly because of the Singtrix karaoke machine.

It’s nice to have it around the house so you can use it for any occasion.

What do you think of Singtrix karaoke machine? Do you have any previous experience with other karaoke machines?

Feel free to leave a comment below, and also feel free to ask any questions you might have and I’ll be there to help you out.