The Singing Machine SML388W Review

You should never purchase a singing machine unless you have a full understanding of its features and functionality. There are so many karaoke enthusiasts who get disappointed after blindly purchasing a machine that doesn’t meet their expectations.

The Karaoke 388 is a great singing machine that has features that most karaoke enthusiasts love. Karaoke SML 388BK/ SML388W are MP3+G and CD + G karaoke system that have synchronized disco lights.

The LED disco lights assists in bringing your karaoke performance to life by synchronizing their movement to the playing music. This is a feature that both kids and adults enjoy very much.

This machine has a front loading CD player that has the ability to play both CD graphics and CDs. It also comes with a Line-in that allows you to connect other audio devices that you can purchase separately for you play MP3 music.

This machine is among the most used singing machines from the karaoke family.

The machine has a USB port to allow you play your MP3. This karaoke machine comes with RCA cables that allow you to connect to your Television set for purposes of viewing and watching scrolling music list.

Other devices that accompany the machine include the digital key control that can be used to raise or lower the key or pitch of the song to assist you sing notes that may be too high or too low for your vocal range. The machine also comes with a complete set of wired microphone and two microphone jacks that have separate volume controls. Five songs downloads will also come with your purchase.

There are so many consumers who recommend this machine for your Karaoke parties especially due to its lighting effects. Read through this article where I have comprehensively explained all the features for this product.

Pros and cons as well as consumer reviews stating strengths and weaknesses of this system will be revealed so you can make the most informed decision before buying.

Usage and Type


Most users like using these machines while partying because of their ultimate audio and visual experience. Imagine a scenario where the disco lights features flashes to the music and the sound kicks off.

This is a perfect combination that is relevant and applicable for parties especially during the late evenings or at night. This is a portable and lightweight system and can be easily moved around and carried from one place to another. I have played and used different types of karaoke machines.

This one is the perfect gift for kids but at the same time offers features that adult that adults are looking for. It can also serve very well in outdoor events since it allows the use of batteries where you don’t require power source to plug in.

The karaoke SML 388 is white in color while the SML338BK has a black in color. The range has great choices for all talent levels and ages. The system is very good for family functions like birthday parties, Christmas parties, and family gatherings just to name a few.


The karaoke SML 388 comes with one microphone. However, the machine has two microphone jacks just in case you need to connect an extra microphone. This is a cool possibility for singing duets. One feature I love when using it is that each microphone has its own volume control.

Not many machines out there offer the possibility of individual volume control. One thing you need to note about this machine is that it supports both the wireless and the wired microphones.

The microphone that comes with the machine is usually wired. However, you can purchase accessory microphones separately. I need to emphasize again that the second microphone has to be purchased separately and does not come with your machine.


The  SML388Wdoes not come with a built in display for streaming lyrics. However, it offers the option of connecting to a television set if you want to view the lyrics on a larger screen.

This is a cool feature for larger gatherings where everyone would be able to enjoy a better experience. The machine comes with the required RCA cables to use in connecting the machine to the TV.

The yellow cable is for the video connections while the white and black cables handle the audio connectivity very well.

Song Source/Player

This is a very versatile karaoke system that you can connect to sources like CD/CD+G/CD-RW/CD-R/VCR/DVD/, tablets, iPods, MP3 players, and smartphones, among others.

The CD+G have the ability to play the SDGs and other regular CD-RWs, CD-Rs, and CDs. You can play a CD+G and CDG and display the lyrics on the TV monitor. The advantage of this feature is that you can stream your playlist by simply connecting any of these devices to the machine using a 3.5mm audio cable.

You can use the RCA cables provided to connect the machine to DVDs and VCR. This will allow you to play DVDs and videos to sing along with.

You can also show a video from your MP3 Player or iPod on the TV screen and sing along. You can also use your mobile device to pull videos from YouTube and then display them on the TV screen. You can use the included RCA to play video or audio from VCR or DVD.

The equipment also has a USB port to allow you to use USB cables. This Karaoke machine does not support compatibility via Bluetooth connection.




This karaoke machine has built in speakers. The speakers produce high quality sound but you should not set maximum volume as it may affect the quality of sound generated.

This is a very convenient feature especially when transporting the machine. These speakers don’t produce a very powerful tone but they serve the users very well. This means this machine is not meant to be used for large gatherings in a big place.

Various Features/Connectivity

  • Synchronizing light features
  • Allows you to either sing karaoke style or sing along with your CD or MP3
  • Front load CDG or CD player
  • Speaker balance: allows you to balance the volume between the music and the prerecorded voice of the singer while using a multiplex CD.
  • Voice controls: comprises of the balance control, key control and echo control.
  • Balance control: This is a good feature that will allow you to set a balance between the song and just the music up to music or anything in between. This is a very entertaining and cool feature to have fun and play with.
  • Key control: This is a feature that allows you to adjust the key in the song. It’s a very important feature when you are singing a song that is outside your vocal range. It makes your performance more natural and impressive.
  • Echo control: The main purpose of this function is to hide any imperfections while singing. Your voice will sound richer and better if you set the correct level of echo. This is a very cool function that comes with the Karaoke SML 388. The echo control enhances and improves the voice of the singer.
  • Built in speakers
  • Auto voice control
  • Comes with one microphone
  • Comes with two microphone holders
  • Mosel is SML388
  • MP3 player compatibility
  • Tone control: this feature allows you to adjust the bass and tremble sounds i.e. the higher and lower frequency music portion. You can adjust this until you get the desired taste.
  • Input jack for MP3 or IPod player (Player not included)
  • Demo disk and five free song downloads included
  • No assembly required
  • You can access the warrant information through
  • RCA output jacks to connect your TV to allow you scroll your lyrics
  • The karaoke machine with microphone is white
  • A set of RCA cables for TV connectivity
  • 14”L by 8.9”W by 9.4” H

Dimensions and Other specifications

  • Audio section
  • Output power (Maximum 5 watts – RMS)
  • Output impedance (8 OHMS)
  • CD player section
  • Frequency response: 100 HZ – 20 KHZ
  • Signal to noise ratio: 50 dB
  • Number of program: 20 steps random access programming
  • Sampling system: 8 steps oversampling
  • USB section: support USB flash drive up to 8 GB
  • Line In section: 3.5mm stereo headphone jack
  • Microphone: -73dB 600 OHMS impedance with 6.3mm dynamic microphone
  • Power section: DC 12 V 1.2 A
  • Dimension: 8.7 by 8.7 by 14 inches
  • Weight: 7.0 Ibs or 3.2 Kgs

Recording Options

This karaoke machine does not have the option to record music. However, you can check out on these models if you wish to do some recordings

  • The singing machine ISM 1050 BT
  • The singing machine ISM 1030 BT

The advantage with these two models is that they nearly have the same features as the LSM 388 singing machine.

Audio/Video Inputs & Output

The machine comes with RCA cables for connecting to you Television set for purposes of scrolling lyrics. In order to connect this machine to your TV, you use the same procedure of connecting video game consoles, DVD players and video cameras.

The initial stage is to identify the multi colored RCA cable. Connect the yellow RCA video cable to the video output jack on your karaoke machine and the white and red audio cables to the audio jacks that are located on the back of your singing machine. Connect the opposite end of the yellow RCA cable to the video in jack on your TV set.

Also connect the other end of the red and white cables to the audio in on the TV. You can now listen to your karaoke music and watch you lyrics from a bigger screen.

Special Effects: Disco Lights

The system provides excellent special effects of disco lights. These disco lights synchronize their movement to the music. This is a very cool feature that individuals across all ages enjoy. This feature add fun and color to your experience.

Power Batteries or Plug in

The battery option makes is very easy for you to use in outdoor events. Apart from using batteries, the machine can also use a power adapter. You simply need to plug in the power adapter and you need.

Control Panel

Through the control panel, you can use adjustable features to improve your vocal performance. It has the echo, balance and digital key auto-voice control system.

You can lower or raise the pitch or key of your singing to enable you sing notes that could be too low or too high for your vocal range. The goodness is that the change of pitch does not affect the tempo or speed of your music. The control panel has the following features:

  • The LCD: press the CD door button to open and insert the CD into the CD tray with the shiny part facing downwards and the printed section facing upwards.
  • Function/stop button: the function button allows you to select between Line-In (AU), USB, or CD.
  • Line-in jack: used to connect your machine to digital playing devices like IPod and MP3 players.
  • Repeat program button: repeats the current track
  • Microphone one jack: for plugging in one microphone
  • Microphone two jack: for plugging in the second microphone
  • On/off button: The LCD lights up when you turn on the singing machine and goes off when you turn off the machine.
  • Disco light button
  • USB port: Insert the USB flash drive that has your music into the USB port. Keep on pressing the function button until it appears as READ USB on the LCD display. Make sure you unzip any files before transferring to the USB disk drive.
  • Microphone holder
  • Skip button: Long press the skip button to the backwards or forward until you get to your desired track then release to allow playing.
  • Audio output
  • Play/pause button
  • Handle
  • Jack (L)
  • Key + /page + button
  • +10 tracks button: allows you to skip 10 tracks at once.
  • 12 V DC jack
  • Key -/page – button
  • Auto voice controls button: as discussed in the feature and connectivity section above.
  • Audio out Jack (R)
  • CD door open button
  • Master volume control: controls the main volume of the equipment
  • Echo control
  • Speaker
  • CD door
  • Skip Backward Button
  • Microphone volume control: allows you to adjust the volume of your microphone to the desired levels.
  • Balance control: when you rotate this button towards the left, it allows you to adjust the voice of the lead singer while playing a multiplex recording. You can also eliminate the music by turning the knob to the right.
  • Disco lights: the disco light pattern depends on the source of the music. Press the disco light button for you to illuminate the lights.

Remote Control

This machine does not have a remote control.

Set Up

The karaoke SML388 is plug and play music equipment. This means that it is an instrument that is simple to use right from the box. The machine has the RCA output jacks that you can use to connect to your television for purposes of scrolling lyrics. However, you don’t get the TV as you purchase this equipment.

What’s in the box?

The box comes with one CDG karaoke system with disco lights that synchronize music, five free song downloads, bonus Demo CDG disk, RCA cables, and a single wired microphone.


Disco lights effect

Can read the MP3+G and CD + G music

Built in screen for watching lyrics

Allows you to sing along with the playing music

Can adjust your tone to get the desired vocal range

Compatible with MP3 players

Can connect to TV for greater visualization

Affordable price


Lacks scoring system after performance

Does not have the radio option

Comes with only one microphone

Lower quality speakers

Not very durable

Consumer Ratings

consumer-ratingAfter going through the reviews on this machine, it comes out clearly that a big proportion of individuals who purchase this equipment are satisfied. Some people who went back to buy a second machine because of the quality of service they received.

However, there are a few individuals who were dissatisfied with this machine. Some of them said that the sound is not very good yet we have those who love the sound.

One thing you need to understand is that this machine is not designed for big occasions when you need high volumes. There are also those who claim that the machine is not very durable.

One thing I realized as I was going through these reviews is that if you buy this machine for the wrong purpose, you will definitely get disappointed. This machine is more applicable for small gatherings and you should not expect it to over deliver.


priceGiven the features of the karaoke SML 388 singing machine, it comes out clearly the machine is well priced. The cost attached to the machine gives you the value for your money and this makes it a good price.

Though a few consumers claim that the machine is not durable, the cost is very affordable. The machine has several features and we have a good number of users who are extremely happy with the machine.

The most important thing to do is to handle your karaoke machine with care. The cost attached to this machine gives you value for your money to a great extent.

You can come across similar machines that have same features going for even double the cost of karaoke SML388.