How to Find the Best Singing Lessons and Vocal Training Online

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Are you in search of the best and top rated online singing lessons? Keep reading this comprehensive as I have good news for you …

Anybody can sing but not everybody sings the right way.  When you are trained to sing correctly, your voice will not only sound better but can be maintained to ensure your continuing success in singing.

This article shows you how you can use certain tips on how to find the best of the best in online singing lessons as well as the best vocal training available for your particular needs.

It used to be that learning singing lessons for beginners required the student to an hour or two with a professional vocal instructor in a school or similar facility or having the singing coach over at the student’s home for a one-on-one session which costs a whole lot more.

The internet brought with it the opportunity to learn singing online at a less expensive cost in a most convenient way for the student.

You Can Now Sign Up for Singing Classes Online

There are many online singing lessons which you can take these days but the most important question remains, “which one do you choose?” Beginners in singing are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of wbsites on the internet that offer lessons online.

If a person does not have the necessary details to make an informed decision, he/she would have spent a lot of money without receiving any benefits from the lessons.

Potential singing superstars, who usually have no concrete foundation in music, can become excellent songsters if given the appropriate instructions on how to sing the right way.  Beginner singing lessons are an education by themselves and should be thought about carefully from the selection of a particular course which offers them all the way to how they should be applied after completing it.

You can now sign up for singing lessons online instead of going the conventional route and studying with a teacher at a music academy. The old way of taking singing lessons costs a lot of money and time for transportation and additional expenses such as meals or snacks before and/or after each session. Additionally, the student has to adjust to the vocal instructor’s schedule.

Advantages of Online Vocal Lessons

Arguably, training vocally in a music school or studio with a professional voice teacher is a more personal approach to learn how to sing for beginners. However, taking singing classes online can be a great alternative with very similar end results. Keep reading to understand why.

With the advancement in technology, training is now more easily accessible even for those who, for whatever reason, may find in-person learning difficult or unavailable. Vocal instructors have already realized the convenience of this arrangement.

Watch this video where Aaron Anastasi, the creator of “Superior Singing Methods” talks a little bit about singing lessons with some examples.

This has become the primary reason why there are now numerous vocal lessons for beginners on the internet. Additionally, there are several advantages to this set-up:

  • It is low cost: as mentioned, you can save money when you take voice lessons online because expenses for food, transportation, and music studio are eliminated.
  • No hassle for scheduling lessons: finding a common time for you and the vocal instructor can be a hassle but with online vocal lessons the voice teacher is always be available for you.
  • Focused teaching and learning: without the inconvenience of traveling, miscellaneous expenses, and scheduling, online singing programs enable you just on learning without getting distracted.
  • Relaxed with no pressure: online lessons on singing for beginners help the novice singers to be more relaxed without feeling the peer pressure usually found in group sessions in traditional music schools.
  • Privacy: learning in the privacy of your own home, or some other quiet place of your choice, gives you more confidence and provides you with more encouragement as if you are alone but have your voice teacher listening to you.
  • Get connections: depending on the program, you may make connections with online communities that include accomplished singers, well-known vocal instructors, and fellow students who have opted to take the same route as you did with online voice lessons.

Benefits of Online Voice Lessons

Vocal lessons online actually have more benefits than you think such as learning how to:

  • Read musical notes.
  • Sing with the accompaniment of the piano and other kinds of musical instruments.
  • Do vocalizations.
  • Recognize music terminologies.
  • Prepare for auditions.
  • Expand vocal range.
  • Place vocal tone in “the masque.”
  • Access more musical notes.

How to Find the Best Singing Program Online

There are some factors that you need to take stock of when you scout for the best online singing lessons including:

  • Credentials: you may look for the certifications, licenses, permits, and other documents of your potential voice coach/instructor/teacher who is the producer of your online program. This will ensure that you will be taught by a competent and trained individual and not some scammer who just wants to make money out of you. Verify those credentials.
  • Due diligence: verifying credentials include checking testimonials from previous students or those who have actually undergone training under your chosen vocal coach. Talking with people who have gone through a particular voice instructor will give you an idea of how studying under this person is like.
  • Listen to the voice: if the potential voice teacher doesn’t sound good to you when he/she sings, move on to other options. Listening to a vocal instructor’s singing voice lets you know if he/she meets your requirement of how you would want to sound like.
  • Modules: singing classes are usually conducted by modules in online courses. Make sure that the modules which make up your course fits you to a T. If you aren’t a beginner you can skip the basics to save money and time.
  • Evaluation: assessing your progress comes in the form of an evaluation after every session or class. Voice lessons for beginners should especially be designed to meet the specific goals of the novice singer.
  • Cost: you might ask, “how much are vocal lessons?” and the answer is: it all depends on what kind you are taking and from whom, meaning if your chosen course was developed by a well-known singer or vocal coach, it might be pricey. Most of the time, you would pay much less for a good voice lesson online compared to the case where you go to a studio and take private or group singing lessons.

When speaking of the costs involved with singing lessons online, it all boils down to the vocal instructor. Most people are not aware of what qualifications to require in a voice teacher.

The choice of your singing coach is perhaps the most crucial decision that you will make because your selected mentor will be responsible with how you turn out eventually as a singer.

“Shopping” for a vocal instructor is entirely different from shopping for other products because online vocal training is a service that comes with a lot of requirements on the part of both teacher and student.

To give you an idea of what to look for in your future vocal coach, here are some tips on questions which you should considering asking:

  • What experience does he/she have? The best vocal coaches are those who are already experienced Vocal trainingin the singing field, albeit there are also excellent vocal instructors who are starting out. An experienced vocal coach, however, will have more expansive knowledge about the latest vocal techniques, for instance, that the new voice teacher has yet to achieve.
  • Are testimonials from students positive? A top quality vocal instructor would have the skills to match the impressive credentials on his/her resume. You should have confirmation of how a vocal teacher has and that can only come from former and current students. Simple searches for the names of these students can go a look way in determining what kind of teacher a vocal coach really is.
  • Fee: of course you want to know the cost of these online sessions so now you are asking yourself “how much are singing lessons?” As mentioned, it depends on who is teaching you, how the modules have been developed, how long it will take for you to complete the course, and what are included in the course such as bonus lessons, free ebooks, etc.

All in all, the choice of vocal lessons online is a great one. The only condition is that you do your comprehensive research upfront and make the choice which is right for you.

What to Look for In an Online Singing Course

Quality lessons on how to sing better are easier to come across if you know where to look. These hardly ever grow out of popularity because of their convenience, availability, and cost. Vocal coaches will charge whatever they want since the demand is often more than the supply. It is a different story when a vocal coach develops his/her own set of modules and make it available online.

Vocal training online with the use of instructional DVDs, video CDs, and other forms of advanced technology can be extremely beneficial at less cost for the budding singer. Again, these benefits can be obtained only from a vocal instructor who not only has the credentials to show for it but the success rate at which he/she has had from his/her satisfied students. What should you look for when it comes to an online singing course?

The difference between correct and incorrect vocal training is sometimes subtle and individual issues of students are left unattended. Most online singing courses are really just a series of boring or useless exercises. What you need, especially if you are a beginner, is a course that can make you apply the techniques you have learned into practical application ASAP.

A vocal instructor that has developed an online course which addresses specific issues involved in singing – such as increasing the vocal range without straining the vocal chords, for instance – gives you a better chance to learn singing while your particular concerns are being resolved.

Watch this video to get an idea of a short online singing lesson on improving your vocal range:


A student who has a thick Alabama accent and wants to sing opera, for instance, will be a challenge to teach.

Only a vastly skilled, exceedingly well-trained, and highly experienced vocal instructor will be able to minimize that accent while helping the student build up a wide vocal range. Additionally, a class A-1 vocal coach can teach other techniques such as falsetto and vibrato, to name a couple of them, as part of the course without additional fees, unlike the set-up with in-person instruction in which the student has to pay extra.

The best singing lessons would have not only audio and video instructional methods, as mentioned, but other learning materials such as downloadable software on introductory topics such as musical styles, voice mechanics, music theory, musical performances, training the ear, and sight-singing. The variety of vocal exercises is also important; you don’t want a course that is repetitive because it has few of these.

The Importance of Accessible Feedback

Practicing vocal exercises without direction can be very frustrating for the student, the reason why choosing an online singing course that provides feedback to the vocal instructor is crucial.

A course that will give you easy access to the developer of the online course is your best bet. If you come across a hitch in your lessons and you can readily confer with your vocal coach, it makes learning less difficult.

Accessible feedback can be done with an online singing course, contrary to what most critics have said. Choose a program which offers this kind of mechanism. Some online courses have 24/7 customer service support which you can call toll-free while others have email and video conferencing services that are personally handled by the course developer/vocal instructor.

Choose One Singing Course and Stick with It

Training to be a singer via an online singing course has one rule of thumb which you should never forget: choose one and stick with it. You may have heard of singers who, after completing the initial course, study yet again but with more than one online vocal instructor.

This situation occurs typically when the singer has had considerable singing experience after completion of a basic course but not before.

The general rule is still applicable to the rest which means one course at a time with one vocal coach. While it is tempting to purchase all the online courses available and try all of them, taking all of those lessons at the same time is a no-no.

Each vocal instructor has his/her own teaching approach for how the lessons are taught. You don’t want several instructors teaching you the same thing in different ways, do you?

This will confuse you and maybe even exhaust you and result in your abandonment of your lessons. Randomly purchasing several online courses will not yield better results for you. Like the use of makeup and wearing jewelry, less is more when it comes to training online for singing; there can be only one online course that you should take so you can obtain the maximum benefits from it. Especially if you are new to this, you need to know singing lessons for beginners are defined over a certain period of time where you need to practice according to some well defined steps. The best thing is to do your homework upfront while choosing your lessons and using the tips we are giving to you in this article. If you have done that properly, then you could get started fully focused on implementing the material and practicing all the time.

Get What You Pay For

These are some elements which some, but definitely not all, of the best singing lessons online have that are available on the market today. Do your homework and research on whether or not your chosen online course has most, if not all, of these qualities:

  • Interactive: this should keep you interested in and engaged with the course; a boring course will result in your disinterest and discontinuance of the course.
  • Organization: chapters in the modules should be well-organized with clear definitions on what you should do with vocal exercises, breathing control, etc.
  • Fun: vocal exercises should be fun or at least entertaining to do and not something you want to avoid.
  • Easily understand: concepts should be explained clearly in terms that a student can understand quickly.
  • Audio and video: information is absorbed faster when audio and video are used to relay it.
  • Reviews: read what other customers have to say about a particular online course.
  • Tips: an online course which is stingy on tips won’t be as effective as one which does; tips are a way of establishing rapport with the student.
  • Hidden charges: some online courses have one price during checkout and additional charges later on so read the terms and conditions carefully.
  • Installments: those on tight budgets will find installments on payment for an online course a godsend.
  • Queries: become pro-active in your lessons and choose a course that encourages queries from students that are personally answered by the voice coach.
  • After-sales service: there are many online courses that just take your money and run with it. Get an online course which provides good after-sales service.
  • Tracking progress: choose a singing course that provides you with tools to track your progress to encourage you to learn and improve more.
  • Delivery on promises: the voice coach who promised availability for you when you sign up for the course should be whether it’s by online, email or telephone.
  • Option to join an online community: a course that offers this provides moral support for and among the students enrolled in it.
  • Additional information: it is not a requirement, but a course that has useful information on what comes into play when singing adds value to it.
  • Variety of exercises: a good online course will include warm-up and vocal exercises as well as interval training, voice strengthening, and vocal range extension exercises.
  • Song analysis: a course should teach you not only how to sing a song but analyze its tone and lyrics to understand the personality and emotion behind it.
  • Money back guarantee: choose a singing course that offers a money back guarantee to ensure that you have a win-win situation; if the course is great then you would have your money’s worth and if it isn’t you get your money back.
  • Course length: an online course should take between six and eight weeks to complete for a beginner but regardless of how short or long it is, the course should cover whatever a student should learn and as promised by the course.
  • Coverage of instruction: choose a course that cover all of the dimensions and not only one or a couple of aspects of singing. This is important because you will need to learn and improve on high notes, vocal range, pitch, and stamina later.
  • Portability: a course that you learn anywhere and from anything is the key to consistent learning. The course you choose should be playable in the car, in the shower, when you jog, etc.
  • Compatibility with devices: ensure that your chose course can be accessible not only from your laptop or PC but from your other devices such as your cell phone or tablet.
  • Quality vocal coach: you would want to learn from someone who has trained now-renowned musical artists, not a vocal coach who doesn’t even have more than a couple of former students who aren’t even singing anymore. Choose a quality vocal coach who has past and current successes in vocal instruction.

Powerful Tips You Should Remember When Going Into Online Vocal Training

Regardless of which online course you will take, here are some powerful tips that you that online vocal course you choose should cover:

  • Unify vowels: learn the skill of unifying your vowels to make them sound like they are coming from a single instrument, meaning no breaks or crack when it comes to high notes. This skill separates the excellent singer from an inferior one.
  • Rest: give your vocal chords sufficient rest. Singing well is an art form and your tired voice will show since it would be unable to perform as well as you should or as unforgettable as you want it to be.
  • Nasal tone: Mariah Carey might be known for singing through her nasal cavity but you would want to develop your own style without having too much of a resonance in the nasal cavity or overtones developed in your other cavities.
  • It is energy, and not effort, that is important when it comes to your vocal tone. This happens only when your throat and all its muscles, including your vocal chords, are used naturally and not exerted. Effort results in damaged vocal chords when they are used improperly to generate vocal volume.
  • Breathing: breathing properly has been mentioned over and over again to be the crux of singing well. Keep your shoulders relaxed and down and avoid raising them whenever you take in breath. You can do this by strengthening your muscles in the back and in the rib cage with exercises specifically for breathing.
  • Challenges: they come with your every performance so it’s important for you to manage them smartly. Know which part of the vocal instrument is out of shape and make the necessary adjustments; that vocal instrument should be explained by your chosen online singing lessons.
  • Learning how to sing for beginners include quitting smoking, talking too loudly and talking too much, excessive alcohol consumption, clenching your jaw, and holding your breath. All of these should be explained by your chosen online singing course and how they relate to a successful singing performance.
  • Learning how to sing well is supposed to be fun, take your time, practice and don’t stress out. Buy yourself a karaoke machine, turn it on and sing away …. just have fun.

So there you have it. Now if you would like to dive deeper and learn how to sing Falsetto or Vibrato or else how to increase your vocal range, feel free to browse my site and read my comprehensive posts about each subject.

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