Monster High Karaoke Machine

The Monster High is a very popular karaoke machine for kids on the market. There is no setup required for this machine. It is very easy to use and highly portable.

This is a perfect example of a karaoke machine for kids that can be used in birthday parties, gatherings, Christmas parties, playdates and similar events. Kids can take this machine with them wherever they want and use it as they wish. The control panel buttons are easy to understand and handle. The color pink is mostly appealing to girls although I have seen boys playing with this entertaining toy for hours without getting bored.

In this review, I will provide you with all the features, ins and outs, pros and cons as well as consumer reviews and recommendations related to this product. The goal is for you to explain clearly and in detail what you get and what you don’t get when and if you decide to purchase this karaoke machine.



One microphone comes with your purchase but this product offers two input jacks for 2 microphones. This is ideal when kids want to play together and share the fun with a duet. The second microphone must be purchased separately.

Monitor / Display

The Monster High karaoke machine comes with a 5” black and while monitor with a descent quality. This means the performer can follow the lyrics streaming on the screen while singing along.

Note also that, you can hook up this machine to your TV using the AV cable that comes with your purchase. This way, you will have a bigger screen than the built in one which makes the whole experience more fun.

Song source / Player

This karaoke machine for kids offers a front loading CD/CD+G player. CD+G’s are CD’s that have comes in karaoke format, in other words they have the lyrics (video) information in addition to the sound.

It is much worth noting that this machine has an Aux input which allows connectivity to smart devices such as iPhone and iPad. This means, if you are not into collecting or purchasing CD’s or CD+G’s, you still can use your digital library with this karaoke machine. Very cool feature indeed!


The monster high karaoke machine has built in speakers. So there is no need to hook up speakers to this system.

Other Cool Features

This machine provides you with a built in camera. This is a great option that children love to play with. They can see themselves, on TV or built in screen while playing with this machine. This adds tons to their excitement while using this product.

As mentioned before this system can connect to an iPod or iPad enabling you to use your playlist on your own smart device. Note however that, while using this feature and as the connection is only of audio type, the lyrics can only be viewed on your smart device screen. In other words, if you are playing song from your playlist which is in karaoke format, the related lyrics cannot be seen on the built in screen or TV. The music is being played, you are singing along through the microphone and viewing the lyrics on your iPod or iPad. That’s how the system can be used in conjunction with a smart device.

Last but not least, this machine also has a programmable memory of up to 20 tracks. This is a great feature when kids want to program their playlist with the sequence they desire.

Recording Options

This karaoke machine does not provide any recording option.

Voice and Sound Controls

This system offers all major voice and sound controls that more advanced machines would have. Here is the summary of controls you can benefit from using this machine:

Auto Voice Control – This feature works with CDG’s recorded in multiplex format wherein two copies of the song is available, music only and the one containing the music and lead vocals. When using this feature, as soon as the performer sings in the microphone the lead vocals are muted and when the singer stops singing they are back. A nice control feature and that keeps kids entertained and adds more fun to their experience.

Echo control – an adjustable level of echo is added to your voice to make it sound different, and sometimes more professional.

Balance control – another feature that would work with multiplex formatted CDG’s wherein the lead vocals can be balanced out, depending on your balance setting, to some or full extent. This feature can be used when you are starting to learn a new song you are not comfortable with at the beginning. As you practice and learn the lyrics you can balance out more the vocals and replace the original singer basically. From what I have seen, kids really have fun with the feature which helps them improve their singing skills.

Audio/Video Input & Outputs

Here are the audio and video inputs/outputs provided by this karaoke machine:

Microphone jacks –  there are two of them so you can use a second microphone to sing duets.

Video out – used to connect to TV

Aux input – used to hook up to smart devices such as iPod, iPad or similar MP3 players.

Special Effects – disco lights, etc

This karaoke machine does not come with disco lights.

Power – Batteries or plug-in

This machine can operate both with an AC adapter (comes with the machine) and batteries.

Remote Control

This system does not have a remote control.

Set Up

No setup is required for this karaoke machine. Take it out of the box, plug and play. This is a must for kids and they would benefit highly from the ease of use of this machine.

what you get with monster high karaokeWhat is in the box

Here is what you get with your purchase:

  • The monster high karaoke machine
  • One microphone
  • AV cable
  • AC adapter
  • Manual
  • This system comes with one year warranty

The Monster High karaoke machine reviews

Based on all the reviews I have read for this system I can conclude this is a popular Karaoke Machine and buyers are mostly satisfied with the versatility and features they get for the price. Ease of use, portability, connectivity to TV and iPods, built in screen and enhanced vocal effects are mentioned in most reviews as positives.

Most of the complaints are about durability of such systems. From my experience, this is a very common issue among kids karaoke machines out there. Most manufacturers tend to provide versatile features for a lower price and the result is to compromise a bit the quality and durability of this category of karaoke machines. Some consumers complained about bad out of the box experience. Examples are: microphone broke after few days, CD player would not work or the system would not function after a short period of time.

The solution to such complaints is the warranty and the fact that the machine can be returned or replaced.

Some reviews also mentioned the fact that the camera cannot be moved and the performer has to stay in front of the machine to benefit from this feature. Granted, this can be a limitation although not a big deal for kids.


Here are product dimensions in inches:

18.4 x 12.5 x 9.9


Except for the one microphone that comes with your purchase, there are no additional accessories.

Pros and ConsPros

  • Connects to TV
  • Connects to smart devices such as iPod, iPad and MP3 players
  • Operates with batteries
  • Built in screen
  • Ease of setup and portable


  • Not very durable
  • Built in camera does not move to change the angle

Consumer Ratings

Consumer ratings for this karaoke machine are good. You need to realize that we are not here talking about a professional karaoke machine that is meant to be used by adults over years. This is an easy to use, light and portable karaoke machine that offers a descent amount of great features and is very convenient to be used by kids.

The Monster High karaoke machine Price

Given all the detailed described throughout this review, the pricing for this karaoke machine is very fair. For a very reasonable price, you get a versatile karaoke machine for kids with built in screen and able to connect to TV and smart devices such as iPod and iPad.  This machine comes also with great voice controls mostly offered by more advanced systems built to be used by adults. In my opinion, these controls are big pluses to make the use of this machine more fun for your kids.