The Singing Machine SML-283P Review

The Singing Machine Karaoke SML283P is an adorable, pink machine featuring disco light effects, balance control, and an echo effect. This portable karaoke machine also has auto voice control, which lets you switch off the original lead singer’s voice and take over with your own voice.

Also, for the user’s convenience, the machine has a vertical, front-load CD+G player. This type of player will play regular CDs or CDGs, which are music CDs plus graphics.

Kids (especially little girls) will love this cute, pink machine, but don’t think adults won’t have fun with it as well – it has plenty of features that all ages will enjoy.

While this home karaoke system comes with just one microphone, it has two karaoke microphone inputs allowing you to purchase an additional microphone making it possible to do duets. The built-in speakers, demo disc, plus the RCA cables which allow the user to connect the machine to a TV makes this machine an all-in-one package, ready for plenty of karaoke fun.

My goal here is to provide you with a comprehensive review of this Singing Machine Karaoke system. I believe after reading this review, you have the required information to decide if this is the best home karaoke system for your needs.

Type of Usage

This karaoke machine comes in 3 colors, pink, black and blue. Amazon currently offers the pink and black models and the blue color one can be purchased from the manufacturer site. This is a great karaoke machine for kids, and little girls will especially love the pink color. The slick black model can be more popular among older kids, teenagers and also adults. Given the features, performance and the price, this singing system is categorized as a home karaoke machine.

Karaoke Microphone

The machine comes with one wired microphone. There are two microphone jacks so an additional karaoke microphone can be used as well. Both jacks have individual volume controls, so each singer can adjust the volume to his or her liking.

Monitor / Display

While the machine does not have a screen for viewing lyrics, it does come with RCA output jacks and cables so you can connect the machine to your own TV. This will enable you to view lyrics on your TV screen. Simply connect the 3 outputs at the back of the system to the matching inputs on your TV.

  • Yellow = Video
  • White = Audio
  • Red = Audio

Song source / Player

The Singing Machine SML-283P has a built-in vertical load CD+G player. The benefit of this type of machine is that it will not just play regular CDs, but it will also play CDGs, which are CDs plus graphics. Usually, they have music along with lyrics, so when plugged into your TV, you can view the lyrics as well.

The vertical load CD+G player makes loading CDs/CDGs super easy and convenient. This machine is also designed with the ability to connect to the digital music device of your choice – iPods, MP3 players, and Smartphones are all compatible with this machine, provided you have the correct 3.5mm audio cable to connect it with.

Having read all the reviews and Questions and Answers on the Amazon website, I noticed that there is a lot confusion with folks thinking that this would not connect to an MP3 player but, in fact, it DOES.

Here is how it works: the 3.5mm audio cable gets plugged into headphone jack on the MP3 player and then into the Aux in jack on the back of the karaoke machine. That’s all, it’s very simple and straightforward.

As an example, It is important to note that you can download CD+G songs onto your iPod. However, as there is no video connection between your iPod and the Karaoke machine there is no possibility to see the song lyrics coming from your iPod to show on your TV.

Karaoke Speakers

There are two built-in speakers on either side of the system. The quality of the Karaoke speakers is decent given the size and price of this portable karaoke machine.

The Singing Machine SML-283P Features

  • Disco light effect:  This feature is a lot of fun.  Turn off the lights in the room and enjoy the disco light show. The light is bright enough to get a decent sense of disco light effects. This is in particular a very popular feature among younger kids and also teenagers.
  • 2 digit LED display:  The LED display shows you the volume level.
  • Demo disc
    5 free karaoke downloads: User can download 5 free songs from the Singing Machine store. Once you have purchased the system you go to this website and the download instructions are very easy and straightforward.
  • Batteries:  For even more versatility, the user has the option of using batteries in the machine.  This opens up many different options – the kids could even play with the machine during a road trip and stay busy for hours!
  • iPhone/iPod holder:  The machine comes equipped with an iPhone/iPod holder so the user can place his or her device in it while singing.  This keeps it safe and in a convenient location for the user.
  • Handle:  The handle on top of the machine makes it easy for the user to pick it up and carry it around.
  • Colors:  The machine can be purchased in two different colors so there are options for every style:
    • Pink: Singing Machine SML-283P
    • Black: Singing Machine SML-283BK
    • Blue: Singing Machine SML-283BL

When reading the reviews and questions & answers on Amazon, there has been some confusion about this system coming with a radio? The answer is no, this karaoke machine does not have a radio.

Recording Options

This machine does not have the ability to record.

The Singing Machine SML-283P Voice and Sound Controls

In terms of voice controls, the Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player is very versatile.

Balance control:  The balance control lets the user make adjustments between the original singer’s voice and the music.  Note: This function only works on a multiplex CD.  A multiplex CD is a type of CD+G (music CD plus graphics) that has the same songs in two different groups. The first group generally has just lead vocals on the left channel and only background music on the right channel.  The second group, however, will have the karaoke background music on both channels but with no lead vocals. When playing a multiplex CD, this function will mute the lead singer’s voice when turned to the left, and will mute the music when turned to the right.  If playing a regular music CD, this control will just switch the sound to either the right or left speaker.

Auto voice control:  This is a fun feature that gives the user even more versatility.  The user can play a multiplex CD (again, this function only works with multiplex CDs) and this feature will replace the lead singer’s voice on the CD with his or her own voice.  As soon as the user sings into the microphone, the lead’s voice is muted.  This means you aren’t just limited to singing with karaoke CDs – you have the option to sing with other CDs as well.

Echo control: This feature is used to enrich the singer’s voice for a little extra special touch.  The user should be aware that this feature is only for the singer’s voice and does not have any effect on the music itself.

Master Volume Control:  This adjusts the overall volume. 

Microphone Volume Control:  The user can use these individual volume controls to adjust the volume on either of the microphones.

Audio/Video Input and Outputs

  • Video out jack:  This is where you would connect a TV to the machine to be able to show lyrics on your television screen using colored RCA cables.
  • AUX out jack:  You can also use this jack to plug the machine into speakers for more amplified sound.
  • AUX in jack:  Plug in your other audio device here like an MP3 player or Smartphone using a 3.5mm audio cable. 
  • DC in jack (9V):  Plug in the power adaptor here so you can attach it to the wall when not using battery power. 

Special Effects

Disco lights:  With just a push of a button, you can activate the disco light effect which adds something fun to the overall karaoke experience.

Power Option

AC/DC:  This machine has the ability to be plugged into a power source.

Batteries:  This machine can be run on batteries and takes 8 C-size alkaline batteries.

Control Panel

  • Power on/off
  • Play/pause
  • Stop
  • Skip button: Goes to the next song on a CD.
  • Program button: This feature allows you to program a playlist so you can play songs in a particular order.
  • Repeat button: When this button is pushed, the current song will be repeated. Push it twice, and all songs will be repeated.
  • MIC volume control: Controls the volume on each microphone individually.
  • Echo control: Used for improving the quality of the singer’s voice.
  • Audio Voice Control (AVC): Replace the lead singer’s voice with your own on a multiplex CD.
  • Disco light operation
  • CDG LED: Shows the number of tracks when a CDG is loaded.
  • Repeat LED: This will flash when repeat button is pushed once. When pushed twice it will stay lit.
  • On/Off LED: Turns on when machine is switched on.
  • Play/Pause LED: Flashes when track is paused.
  • Program LED: Flashes when program mode is on.

Remote Control

No remote control

Karaoke partySet Up

There is no assembly needed with this machine, so it can start being used right away.

Output power and quality

The Singing Machine SML-283P provide an output power of 2W (RMS).

What’s in the box

  • 90 Day Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • Microphone
  • AC Power Adapter: For plugging into a power source.
  • CD+G Sampler Disc
  • RCA Cables: Used for connecting machine to a TV.

The Singing Machine SML-283P Consumer Review

I summarized in below, my findings after looking in detail into most of the Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player consumer reviews out there. This will help you find more easily the best home karaoke system you are looking for.

This Singing Machine karaoke system is most popular among parents looking to purchase a karaoke machine for kids. In other words, most people who purchased this machine bought it for their children.  People loved that there was essentially no set-up involved – just plug it in and start singing.

People were impressed with the ability to connect the machine to a TV and view the lyrics (and also hear the sound through the TV as well.)  Having the option to connect to another audio device such as an MP3 player or tablet was also something people enjoyed.

People found it easy to use, and most children were able to operate it on their own – parents and grandparents love that they don’t have to constantly be there to help them with the machine.  It’s the perfect entertainment for a girls’ slumber party.  Kids feel like little “superstars” with this karaoke machine, especially when the disco light effect is turned on.

The CD that comes with the Singing Machine karaoke system contains mostly “nursery rhyme” type songs and isn’t really much fun for older children, however young children seemed to enjoy it.  But with the various options for playing music (CD/CDG player, connection to MP3 or Smartphone, etc) that isn’t a huge drawback.

The karaoke microphone included works well and seems to be decent quality.

The sound quality is definitely adequate, and is surprisingly good for such a small, lightweight machine.

The unit is light and easy to transport.  Children are able to carry it around from room to room with no problem.

In some reviews, people said that the power adaptor for the machine broke fairly soon after purchasing it and that the machine had to be used with batteries after that.  Others said that the machine was still working months after being purchased.

The overall feeling about the machine is that kids love it, it’s very lightweight and portable, has decent sound quality, and is a lot of fun.

Dimensions and other specifications

  • Karaoke machine dimensions: 4.1″W x 9.1″D x 9.9″H
  • Box dimensions: 10.7″W x 11.1″D x 5.5″H
    • Karaoke Machine For KidsWeight: 2.6 lbs / 1.2 kgs
  • Audio section

Output power (Maximum) 2 watt RMS
Output impedance 8 Ohms

  • CD player section

Frequency response 100Hz – 10 kHz
Signal to Noise ration 50dB
Numbers of programs: 20 steps random access programming

  • AUX in Section

Requires 3.5 mm audio cable for connection

  • Microphone

-74dB 600 Ohms with a 6.3mm dynamic microphone

  • Power section

DC 9V 0.8 A (8 x “C” Cell) batteries not included


  • Connects to TV – user can view lyrics on the TV screen
  • Connects to iPod/MP3 players – user can play songs from their own playlists
  • Light and portable – easy to transport to other venues, or for kids to carry around the house
  • Disco lights – a fun light feature
  • Can be used with batteries – adds to the portability factor and makes it possible to take the machine just about anywhere


  • No built in monitor – has to be connected to a TV if you want to see the lyrics
  • No recording options
  • Only one microphone included – two microphone jacks make it possible for another karaoke microphone to be purchased and used, however
  • No Jack for headphones
  • Some said the power adaptor broke after only a short time

Consumer Ratings

The online consumer ratings for this machine are very good.  Most people were pleased with the price and the quality of the machine.  Even in the reviews from people who were unhappy because the machine broke said that while it was working, their children absolutely loved it.  Most people didn’t seem bothered by the lack of built-in monitor because they still had the option to connect to a TV.  The fact that the machine doesn’t come with the ability to record also wasn’t something most people mentioned.  Overall, the machine was mostly a crowd-pleaser and a lot of fun for kids of all ages.

The Singing Machine SML-283P Price

This Singing Machine Karaoke system is good value for the price.  The only people who were not happy with the price were those who had problems with the machine breaking, but everyone else was quite impressed with the quality and the different features available for the price.  With the included warranty, it seems a very good and fair price as any problems or issues that might pop up should be able to be resolved under the warranty if they happen within 90 days. If you have been searching for a great Karaoke machine for kids, this product should be on your short list to purchase.

Are you tight in budget and would like to save few dollars? You can go for the black model when purchasing on Amazon.